Administration or Innovation

First of all apologies for the long hiatus in contributing to this blog, I have allowed the clutter of the everyday to smother this activity. The title brings to mind the famous title of the medical conference “Smoking or Health” back in the 60’s. Can we really do both? Is it possible to innovate and administer, at the same time, with the same head or in the same job?

Remember those dizzy, too rare spark “innovation” events where the mist clears and you begin to perceive that there might be a road ahead.


Administration has its charms; the details, the goals, measureable, accountable, planned, scheduled, pre-ordained, even destined and one must say rewarded in our goal oriented business culture. Important as this is, it is insufficient in itself, unsustaining in isolation and ultimately bounded in its accomplishment.

Not so sure about Certainty

In contrast we have the insight moment, sometimes out of the blue, – often extracted from a maelstrom of numbers – where the dots join up or nearly join up – still wearing a veil of ambiguity obscured in a cloud of mystery, flecked with questions but DEFINITELY a POSSIBILITY.

A favourite Einstein quote “….”If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it”…I cling to this, because there are always a million reasons why something may not be so, to set against the current uncertainty that it might be so.

Don’t discourage the sceptics, they keep us honest, even as you protect the fledgling idea. What does not kill the idea will make it stronger!

Make 2012 an Innovation Year

But this blog is about innovation, the blog’s lack of performance over the last months is due to an inability to make the time to consider rather than deliver. Let’s inject more thinking time into 2012 and see if we can seed the decade with ideas that will secure both our future and that of our much loved administrators, while bringing balance to those of us who do both.

February 19, 2012

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