Fred Hollowood Consulting

"Having worked for both localisation purchaser and supplier, Fred has a rounded perspective of the localisation process and it's challenges. He is capable of strategic thought around the application of innovative technologies balanced with the tactical, pragmatic, operational knowledge to drive process change. He is creative and employs scientific rigour to test approaches. He has consulted with us numerous times."

I have known Fred for six years. He was the driving force behind getting us deployed at Symantec. He comes with a hugely impressive combination of technical understanding of the business needs, a rigourous scientific method (I only found out years later that he has a PhD), and an irrepressible get-it-done attitude. In all my dealings with him he has always been honest, straightforward and down-to-earth, and great fun to work with. For anyone looking to drive through ambitious technical projects with multiple stakeholders, especially in the domain of large-scale language automation, Fred is your man.

I met Fred while researching new technologies for language implementation on Continental Airlines. Talking to Fred was a key point in implementing MT on our website. He has a great personality, a fabulous attitude towards people, and is always eager to help and share his knowledge. His extensive experience and deep knowledge of the technology and processes around localization and MT, make him a great contributor to this industry.