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I am currently refocusing on my consulting work and stepping away from my role as Director for Research within Symantecís global localization department based at the Blanchardstown site in Dublin. I enjoyed my time in Symantec developing the team dedicated to process improvement and language technology research centered on the adaptation of controlled language for machine translation (MT), customer satisfaction studies and data stream processing to assist MT performance. Community collaboration (crowd-sourcing) is also an area of active interest, where the relationship between user communities and enterprises is being examined. The post-graduate study programs are run in conjunction with Dublin City University, Trinity College Dublin and CNGL.

After 25 years in the localisation space, I have seen the industry grow from isolated pockets of activity inside publishers, through vendorisation, outsourcing and off-shoring. We are now in a technology consolidation phase where automation extends across the localisation boundaries "back" into authoring and product development and "onward" into customer care.

The industry has developed a number of institutions through which to communicate, self-regulate and extend its boundaries. I am a founding member of two such organisations, the Translation Automation User Society TAUS and the Centre for Next Generation Localisation (CNGL). These organisations and others provide essential fora and resources to push the boundaries of our technologies and process.

Innovation and deployment of novel technology has always been a career focus. I have spoken at industry events on innovation over the years. Check out my blog on the challenges and realities of delivering innovation within the industry.

I received a B.Sc. in Chemistry from Queens University Belfast in 1975, a doctoral degree (Natural Sciences) followed in 1978 from University College Cork, and latterly an M.Sc. in Information Technology in 1985 from the University of the South Bank (London). My career in localisation commenced in Xerox, Welwyn Garden in 1988 and I have held a variety of positions in the industry both on the publisher and vendor side culminating in my appointment to Symantec in 1997.